Me & my little long-haired, Shiba Inu dog (he is not a fox, though he may look like one ; ), “Fuji”.

Me & my little long-haired, Shiba Inu dog (he is not a fox, though he may look like one ; ), “Fuji”.


Yasemin came from away, landing in the Vancouver area on the West Coast of Canada with her family as a child. She has been on excursions around and back since, but now, she’s home in the Southern Gulf Islands on Galiano, British Columbia inspired by the amazing nature she’s surrounded by.

Artist’s Statement:

I can't help but wonder if the reason I make art today is similar to the reason that as a child I brought icecream buckets full of frogs home. I caught mice, snakes, lizards, turtles; found and kept domestic animals. My father, at one point when they were leaving to travel, cautioned me, "no more animals, this is NOT Noah's ark". I think through the animals I was trying to find understanding, companionship, to keep something of the treasures I found in the world around me, for myself. Like taking a photo of something I'd seen and keeping the photos that spoke to me and stood out in some way. The animals in my art are a way for me to relive what I find and connect with in my world. It is a way for me to bring animals home, without bringing them home.

Through my art I am toying with, exploring something, as a way to savour it; to see it / experience it in a new way. I may re-create something that was (as a kind of homage to it) and maybe create something new from the old even. Like a new tree growing out of an old stump... I can play on the canvas, so that I might have something to enjoy while I'm making it and to reflect on later. I liken making art to putting together and making a recipe in the kitchen. If it works, I can savour it and later share it with others to enjoy.

Finding inspiration for my art, in the environment, is my way of connecting with the world around me; perhaps the things I create are a way for others who are drawn to my work to connect with me. What do you see? Can you see me there on the page / canvas, where I've left my marks? What in the piece can you associate with / relate to?

Mission Statement::

Her art is like a menagerie of things that have caught her interest; then she tried to capture some piece of that feeling to take home with her, like the dog in the pet store window. She seeks to connect with the beings portrayed through the portal of their eyes.


Yasemin Demir

b. 1965, Stockholm, Sweden | Currently residing and working in the Southern Gulf Islands | | IG:@yasemindemirart | 604.274.0848


University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1991

Vancouver Community College, Langara Campus, Diploma of Fine Arts, 1988


2019/111-12 The Galiano Library Show, Solo

2019/08 Lions Club Fiesta Group Show

2019/07-09 Whaler Bay Studio / Gallery, Galiano Island

2019/06-09 Galiano Island Studio Tour

2019/06 BC Ferries Art Display, the Queen of Cumberland

2019/04-06 Pop-up Show at the Sturdies Bay Bakery & Cafe

2019/03 The Buttercup Gang, Artist’s Cooperative Show

2019/02 The Yellowhouse Art Centre, Print & Photo Show

2019/01 The Log House Lodge Winter Art Show & Sale

2018/12 The Yellowhouse Art Center, “Reclaiming Daydreams”

2018/10 BC Ferries Art Display, the Queen of Cumberland

2018/10 The Yellowhouse Art Center, DrawCtober

2018/09 The Yellowhouse Art Center, Green and Blue

2018/08 The Lions Club Art Show

2018/08 BC Ferries Display, Salish Eagle

2018/07       Tour Des Isles, Southern Gulf Islands

2018/07       BC Ferries Display, Queen of Cumberland

2018/05       The Yellowhouse Art Center, Galiano Island

2018/04       Festival Active Pass, Mayne Island

2018/03       Works on Paper, Federation of Canadian Artists, Granville Island

2018/02       The Love Show, Portraits of Your Passion, Semiahmoo Community Centre, W. Rock.

I won 3rd place for my horse drawing “Copper & Wine”.

2017/08       International Pencil Art Society, Canada, Online Juried Exhibition.

My art work was 1/60 chosen from an international pool of competitors.

2017/07       Canada 150 Art Show, Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver


THRIVE Mastermind Member, Vancouver

Pencil Art Society Canada

UK Pencil Art Society

Pencil Art Society of America

Federation of Canadian Artists

Southern Gulf Islands Art Council

Pursuit of Excellence